Your Pick: Top Load Washer or Front Load Washer?

 In starting a Laundry business, you also need to decide what kind of Washer you need to use. As we previously discussed on our last topic, you should choose the right equipment for you and that is a commercial equipment.

The next question you will have in mind would be, what type of commercial washer you will use in your business. You basically have two (2) choices: a Top Load Washer or a Front Load Washer, let us review what are their pros and cons. Read more of this post

Choosing the right equipment for your laundry shop

Starting any business is always exciting, but you should always take note of buying and investing on the right equipment that you need.

Some starting entrepreneurs try to compress their budget as much as they could resulting to buying wrong equipment that they need. You might be tempted to buy Household Washing Machines in order to bring your investments down to the minimum. The problem is household equipments are not designed to operate in a day-to-day operation, more so in about at least 8 loads per day. There are also some semi-commercial washing machines that are out in the market today, sporting a “cool” front-load look. These machines are still not advisable for a laundry business since these machines might get easily broken and you will need repairs very soon. Read more of this post


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