Space Requirements for a typical laundry shop

ImageMany are asking: “How big a space should I need in order to start a decent laundry shop?”

Well first of all, we should know what are the things we need to consider in selecting a commercial space for a laundry shop in terms of space requirements. Read more of this post

The two basic types of laundry shop set-up

In starting a laundry shop business, you should consider what type of set-up your laundry shop would have. You can either have a One-Stop Laundry Shop or start with a Pick-up Station and place your machines at home.

The decision you will make regarding this thing would be based on your situation either financially or geographically. Your marketing strategy can also be considered in deciding what type of set-up you will choose. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of each: Read more of this post

Your Pick: Gas Dryer or Electric Dryer?

 Starting a laundry business requires laundry equipment and machines to be used in operations. Aside from investing in commercial washers, you also need to invest in a commercial dryer to dry the clothes processed out of the washer after spinning. This will complete the wash-dry process.

Again as we’ve discussed in our previous topic about what type of equipment is the best for your laundry shop,  most of us will use a commercial dryer. Commercial Dryers are usually 110V so you will be needing a transformer unless the manufacturer indicates that it is running on 220V. As per commercial dryers, there are two (2) types namely; gas dryers and electric dryers. Let us see their pros and cons: Read more of this post

Laundry Seminar with Hands-on Experience on Operations and its advantages

Many companies are offering laundry seminars here in the metropolis. Some are offering a seminar for just 1 day and they are even charging at a higher rate. Some are offering 2 days seminar but all are discussions with a little bit of demonstration on how to do the dry cleaning and other procedures. I am not saying that their approach is not effective. I just thought there might be some way on how to improve the overall experience and educations of attendees like you are attending. Read more of this post

Choosing the right equipment for your laundry shop

Starting any business is always exciting, but you should always take note of buying and investing on the right equipment that you need.

Some starting entrepreneurs try to compress their budget as much as they could resulting to buying wrong equipment that they need. You might be tempted to buy Household Washing Machines in order to bring your investments down to the minimum. The problem is household equipments are not designed to operate in a day-to-day operation, more so in about at least 8 loads per day. There are also some semi-commercial washing machines that are out in the market today, sporting a “cool” front-load look. These machines are still not advisable for a laundry business since these machines might get easily broken and you will need repairs very soon. Read more of this post

How much capital do you need to start a laundry business?

In starting any business, you should always consider your capital. The question is, how much capital you should prepare in order to start a laundry shop business successfully. For a start, you should decide whether you want to avail of a laundry franchising system or set-up your own brand or name.

Laundry franchises out these are ranging about P500,000 to P1,000,000. However, if you decided to establish your own brand, you might need to contact a laundry consultancy and construction service providers. Laundry construction service providers have packages that can provide you everything you need to start your laundry shop. Most construction package ranges from P250,000 to P350,000. There are some laundry consultants that can even offer you a customized package depending on your need, just request a quotation from them. Read more of this post

How to distribute workload to your staff in a laundry shop

All businesses have their own distinct operations needed in order to satisfy the need of the customer. In a laundry shop, there are a number of operations that needs to be performed to process the dirty clothes in order to make your customers happy. The most common operations in a laundry shop are: Counter/Receiving, Tagging, Sorting, Washing, Drying, Segregating, Folding and Packing, Pressing, and Dry Cleaning. We will discuss each process in detail in a separate post. For now, we will take a look on how you can distribute the workload to your staff.

There are at least 9 operations above, so does this mean you need this much people working particularly at the start? Of course not. Read more of this post


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