How to Start a Laundry Business here in the Philippines

Laundry Shops can be seen like mushrooms popping in and out of the metropolis. If you take a look closer, these laundry shops are mostly full of laundry either packed in plastics ready for pick-up, sorted in baskets ready for washing, or inside the machine spinning.

A laundry business is one of the simplest business that you can think of since it doesn’t require a lot of skill to operate and manage. A simple individual can be one of your staff and anyone can manage this business because it is not too complicated. Read more of this post

Can you help us in our cause and donate blood on Jan 21, 2013?

Red Cross Saves Lives

Philippine Red Cross – Rizal Chapter in partnership with DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. will have a Voluntary Blood Donation Program on Monday, Jan 21, 2013, from 3pm to 7pm.

As part of our continuous commitment to help other people and contribute even at our own small way, DRIVEN partnered with Red Cross to help the latter collect blood from willing volunteers. During my short chit chat with some Red Cross personnel,  they mentioned that they really need more blood donors now because they are having challenges regarding the small number of people donating blood.

How to Achieve your Dreams Fast!

DREAMSEverybody has Dreams. We all want the most out of this world. We all want to have the best experience. We want to have those awesome cars, those beautiful homes, we all want to travel around the world, have the business we’ve always dreamed of, we want to be successful in our chosen field, have more money, have a lot of savings so we can enjoy our life to the fullest. All of us have our own dreams. All of these are great! But, just how many of us actually achieve our dreams? May be less than 10% of the entire population. Why? Because most of us don’t actually write down and commit to our dreams.

You won’t achieve your dreams overnight. It requires tons of discipline, a bit of hardwork, and a very strong commitment. Okay, the title should be “How to achieve your dreams FASTER” but I chose to use this title anyway. Now I’m sharing you the things that I do and how I reached my dreams fast enough.

Read more of this post

How to Increase your Sales thru Confidence

Sales arrowIf you are in the sales industry, I’m glad you are reading this post. Most sales people are trapped in the plateau of hitting the same sales figures they hit every month. Some even have their sales go down. All of these because of a lot of reasons and factors that affect their performance. I bet in one point of your life, you are one of them.

Whether you are a seasoned salesperson or a newbie in this industry, you need to know for a fact that self confidence plays a big role in our performance. If you are just starting out, it is really hard to have a high self esteem immediately. You are still testing the waters and finding the way through your chosen field. But one thing is for sure, you need to develop yourself in order to be successful. By merely reading this post, I am sure that you will be a great success one day. You are committed to your growth and you know that you need more information and learn more in order to be successful.

Here are some of the secrets to increase your sales with confidence: Read more of this post

Boosting self confidence will help your business be successful

Self Confidence GUideSelf Confidence and Self Esteem is one of the major problems in this world whether you are aware or not. Low self esteem results to an unsuccessful life. If you lack self esteem, you don’t have self worth making you feel unworthy of success. This makes you feel that you are incapable of doing things that will bring you success.

Running a laundry business also needs self confidence for you to believe that you can be successful in this business. In offering your services to your industrial customers like hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, hospitals, etc., you will need a lot of self confidence and confidence to your service so that you can close a sale.

Here’s a basic step by step guide on how to build self confidence. Read more of this post

Steps on How to Register your Laundry Business

The first thing to do if you’re thinking of starting your own business is to review the business first. You have to take a look of the pros and cons of this business you are thinking of plunging in to. When you feel excited and positive about this business then that’s the time you go to the next step, and that is to register it and make it official.

I bet you have read a lot of articles here in this website, and if that’s the case, then you are thinking of putting up a laundry business. Well, for any business, here are the basic steps you will follow throughout your initial journey:


1. Reserve your business name online. Yes! I said online. Make use of the online facility DTI and SEC has set up for you. If you do not register online, you might go back and forth trying to find what name is still available. Particularly in Metro Manila, there are already a lot of business names reserved, so do the smart way, go online! You go to DTI ( for sole proprietorship and SEC ( for partnerships/corporations. Read more of this post

Break Even Point and Profitability of a Laundry Shop Business

ImageHow can you assess if a business is really the one you want? There’s a lot of factors to consider right? But I guess one way is to check how much would be your potential profit in a certain business. Determining the Break Even point is also an important factor for you to know what is your minimum target to at least break even.

Based on 2012 updated rates of utilities and monthly bills, a 50kg to 55kg average sales per day will get you to your break even point. This is considering a P15,000 monthly rent which is quite decent in a Metro Manila setting. Read more of this post

Space Requirements for a typical laundry shop

ImageMany are asking: “How big a space should I need in order to start a decent laundry shop?”

Well first of all, we should know what are the things we need to consider in selecting a commercial space for a laundry shop in terms of space requirements. Read more of this post


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