How to Start a Laundry Business here in the Philippines

Laundry Shops can be seen like mushrooms popping in and out of the metropolis. If you take a look closer, these laundry shops are mostly full of laundry either packed in plastics ready for pick-up, sorted in baskets ready for washing, or inside the machine spinning.

A laundry business is one of the simplest business that you can think of since it doesn’t require a lot of skill to operate and manage. A simple individual can be one of your staff and anyone can manage this business because it is not too complicated.

Because it is a simple business doesn’t mean it is not profitable, so if you are looking for a simple business that you can start today, then laundry business is the one for you!
Here are the simple steps that you can follow in order for you to start your own laundry business:1. Register your laundry shop’s Business Name. 

  • It is important that you already have a business name in mind so that you can already start. At the very least, reserve your name online or personally in DTI (for sole proprietorship) or SEC (for partnership and corporations). This will give you a kick start in order for you to act. Once you have your business name, you will surely feel more excited and raring to go! This is very important specially to those first timers in the business industry. In most cases, the hardest thing to do is to take the first step. So this is the first baby step for you. :)
2. Look for a location for your laundry. 
  • Simultaneous to your business name registration, you should also be looking for a location of your laundry. A good location is accessible and in good proximity to your target market. Make it clear to the lessor the terms and conditions in renting their space including, but not limited to the rules for site construction, turn-over, penalties and withholding taxes. You will be needing your Lease Contract in the succeeding business permit registrations.
  • There are a lot of institutions offeringlaundry seminars nowadays. Attending such will cost you just a few bucks, so if you are really serious in plunging into business and you want to know from the experts, this is a must. Laundry Seminars costs about P2,000-P4,000 depending on the experience you will get. Some laundry seminars are all theoretical and there are some that can offer you a hands-on experience. My advise, choose wisely. ;)
4. Dress-up your laundry shop. 
  • By dressing-up means completing everything you need in and out of your store. You will basically need the machines (washer and dryer) and its fixtures, cabinets, tables, and counter. You will also need to do the painting job, electric connections, drainage and exhaust, and also the signage in and out of your laundry shop.
  • Take note that you can either choose to do it your own, buy a laundry franchise, or contact a laundry consultancy company that can help you with the overall construction for just a minimal fee. Good laundry consultancy companies can provide everything you need at a reasonable price. Beware of those who offer consultancy at a very low price as the quality of workmanship might suffer and your machines might get easily damaged and eventually cost you more in the long run.
5. Recruit your personnel.
  • For a start, you will need at least 2 staff for your business to get it going. People who are jobless and those who are willing to be a household helper are the qualified staff for your laundry shop.
6. Train your staff and yourself with the operations.
  • It is important that you as the owner knows the ins and outs of the operation. You can train alongside with your staff so that if any problems arise concerning your staff, you can always be there to the rescue! :)
  • Good Laundry Consultancy and Training Companies usually include training of your staff in their package so if I were you, I will opt for these good deals. There are also a few laundry seminars that give Hands-on exercises to their attendees so that you will through practice and not just in theory.
7. Register your business with the local government.
  • You can do this immediately after you have completed step 1 and 2. Once you have your business name and lease contract, you can start processing your Barangay Permit. Next is to process your Mayor’s Permit, then your BIR Registration. Employee benefits is also a must in the Philippine business setting nowadays so registration in SSS and Pag-IBIG is also mandatory.
You are now more than ready to start your own business and I hope you enjoy the laundry business world!
For more questions and inquiries, you can contact me at my contact details below and I would be more than willing to help you.
DJ Dimaliuat
Laundry Consultant
Globe: 0915-4233799
Smart: 0928-4063994
Sun: 0922-8111086
Landline: 346-4387
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About DJ Dimaliuat
I am a licensed real estate broker, trainer, facilitator, social entrepreneur, and a financial coach. I started helping out at our family water station business at age 15, without pay. I helped my parents during weekends and sometimes after school particularly in production and delivery operations. I learned the value of working for our company’s growth and developed passion doing it. This started my entrepreneurial spirit. During my college days as an Industrial Engineering student from Adamson University, I started pursuing small trading businesses with a dream of being a young millionaire. I eventually got into multilevel marketing where I got my sales and marketing training and developed my business skills early on. By the year 2008, I got involved into real estate where I eventually earned my 1st million at age 22. After one and a half year, I founded DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., one of the fastest growing real estate marketing companies in the Philippines today, together with my colleagues.

154 Responses to How to Start a Laundry Business here in the Philippines

  1. Edgar De Guzman says:

    Hi to all, I have been planning to open up a home based laundry business. I have plenty of space in the house that is suitable for the needs in terms of space and a good place to hang and dry clothes.

    Reason why i opt to do it a home is that i am not really sure if i can profit from this if i will rent a place. It is just for a start. Do you guys know of any company that offers laundry equipments on installment basis. I only have one fully automatic washer at home and is planning to add another heavy duty washer and gas dryer. Can somebody help me on this?

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Edgar,

      Even you rent a space, a laundry business is still profitable as you can see with different laundry shops all around the city.

      With regards to your concern in getting laundry equipment through installment, you can use a credit card that offers 0% interest. If you cannot or don’t want to use a credit card, I think there are companies that offer laundry equipment thru installment, of course with some premium on their end. Oxychem Corporation is one of them.

      Hope this helps.


    • robajz58 says:

      Yes, i can help you. I am also an organizer / and a laundry set-up OFW here in Jeddah. I am not a consultant as my best friend Dj Dimaliut is a certified in our country. I’m here in this laundry business for almost 18 years as an OFW. setting up laundry shop and a industrial-commercial laundry in many hospitals,camps,and hotels. I just only share my experience and expertise in the field of laundry and the hygienic procedures.
      Sure you can have a profits of your new laundry business if the residential location is near the site of a market place, shopping centers/groceries,along a high way, or near a colleges,schools. In the said place if your area is on the mention site,well you can expect a good profits,but if you have a friend area which is near on the place i mention,you can negotiate your friend that you will used a small part for receiving laundry soiled and if ever the their will be a laundry soiled,he/she will send you a text msg. for pick-up.If you’re not available on the time which there will be a customers,just instruct your friend to weight and leave also the price list in every kilo or piece.Maybe you can convince your friends to be your partner as the area will be used for receiving.
      Well,the laundry machines- you can check or get in the net, if what company have an installment plan for a laundry machines.Regarding your existing machines in your house, it can help but for sure it can not operate or run for approximately 8 loads minimum per day and the weight use of your machine is just for a household appliances and its not for a heavy duty and commercial use.
      My last advice is just go,visit my friend,and can can give you the full and honest advice. The thing i do is just share my experiences and some techniques,to the beginners espcially to minimized the consumption,and stain removing.
      I hope you get some ideas and add more to Mr.Dj Dimaliuat.
      Just a Post Script…..: if ever who would like to have a large Industrial-Commercial Laundry Business to be erected or build in the Philippines that can cover-served by contract to more hospitals,hotel,motels,establishment camps,resorts,you can email me i’m one of the laundry planner from A-Z here in jeddah saudi arabia for almost 18 years and done so many accomplishment regarding laundry either hospitals,industrials,commercial.

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  4. rizelda says:

    How much initial capital for laundry business…..

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      You will need about P300,000 minimum capital and up

  5. chandell says:

    hi thank you for the nice advices.. i want to get ur top suggested company that really teaches or conduct seminars on how to start and train people in the business:) thanks

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Chandell,

      We conduct laundry seminars every month.

      You can check the tab on the top of this page to see our next schedule

      • Khring says:

        Hi Dj,

        What about here in Cebu? i am interested in the laundry business. And I would like to know about the business. Do you have any seminars conducted here?

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:


        Sorry ngayon po puro Manila pa lang ang schedule namin eh

  6. maureen says:

    hello, i’m interested in opening up a laundry business, i already have a place and the water sytem there is jet matic (deep well), do i still need 300,000 capital even if i alreaqdy have a place for it? can u give me a breakdown of expenses in starting this business? thanks a lot!


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Mau,

      Yes 300K pa rin, labor, materials, machine, construction, and consultancy kasi ang kasama nun.

      Il email u a laundry package sample

      • francis says:

        i too need break down and advice please email thank you

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        ok il email you

  7. laundrygirl says:

    Hi can you send me a laundry package sample thank you

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      Il email you now.

      • chalmer sotayco says:

        Hi DJ,
        Can you send me a quote for a laundry package,( how about 100k-300k quotation?thank you,how about if I planned to do it in the subdivision, and my house as a shop?is this possible.?

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        OK il send you an email

  8. Charm says:

    I’ve been thinking of starting a laundry business and saw this. Can you email me a laundry package sample?

    Thank you!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok I will email you

      • Diane says:

        Hi we are planning to have our own laundry shop. can you email me a laundry package sample?

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        Ok Ms. Diane il email you

  9. Rochelle says:

    Can you Send me the details and breakdown to start this laundry business im quiete interrested po.

  10. Kristian says:

    Hi can you please email me on the specifics of this laundry business. I am quite interested. Thank you.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Noted po, naemail ko na

  11. cyrem says:

    Hi! I am interested to venture in a laundry shop business. please provide me with a business package and other details.thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Mercy, we will email you.

  12. MsEms says:

    Hello po.. I’m interested po, can you send me an email regarding the laundry business package, and other details.Thank you! I will wait for your response.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok il email you the package

  13. rayam says:

    Hi, m intersted in laundry business if i pushed out capital 300k, how much monthly income do i get more or less.


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Rayam,

      Laundry shops earn about P10,000 to P50,000 per month depending on your management and marketing skills and strategies

      • Ma. Elena Mira says:

        Hello I am interested can you please send me the laundry business package and other details. Thank you so much

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        ok po ill email it to you

  14. Aby Regachuelo says:

    Feels great reading all comments and responses. I have also a plan to put up a laundry business bu ti have only 100k budget. Is it enough? I have equipment like heavy duty washer and spinner came from other country. Still looking for a great location. Could you help me finding one?What else should i prepare.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Ms. Aby,

      100k is a little tight on budget, but what you can do is start setting up the machines in your house and just do marketing or get a small pick up station..

      The rental deposit will already be big to eat off the 100k budget

  15. Lorna says:

    Hi! I have this business in mind, so can you please send me the laundry business package to start on with… thanks a lot!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Sure il email you the package

  16. Jun Florendo says:

    hi dj, our group has this idea to put up laundry business, can you send me the laundry business package for starters. thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok email ko po

  17. Jonalyn says:

    Hi I’m interested of this business,,can u email me for this laundry business package tnx…

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Noted I emailed u the package

  18. hi im jonna.
    how much i pay for the simenar. im intersted with the laundry business.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      P2000 for the discounted price as long as you reserve early

      • cel says:

        Hi DJ, im very much interested with this laundry business. Can send me also the laundry business package? Thank u very much..

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        Ok I sent you an email

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Sir DJ, i’m very interested in starting a Laundry Business. Can you send me that business flow, costing and other info. Thanks and waiting for you soon…

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        Ok Andrea, Il email you the package

  19. mai says:

    Hi DJ,
    Do you offer a laundry business seminar? If so, where is it located? Also, if i will only rent a pick-up station for the laundry shop because i’m planning to do the washing at home. When i get a permit, do they need to check the machines at home?

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Mai,

      Yes we offer laundry seminar once a month here in Mandaluyong

      Usually there’s a separate permit per location so I guess they will only check your pick up station for that instance

  20. maryflor says:

    Hi DJ, I would look to ask about your seminars. Can you get your schedule of seminars? Location and fees? Thanks.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      We will update this website for our next schedule

  21. ely says:

    Hello DJ,
    Interested in laundry business,,please send me packages and options..

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Ely, done sending the laundry package

      Thank you

  22. Lee Anne Estrella says:

    Hi DJ,

    I am also interested in this kind of business.. Please send me the details.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      ok email ko po..

  23. jhon peter basas says:

    hi dj,
    Good day, im interested in the laundry business. Can you send me the packages and options?


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Jhon, il email you

  24. Iyah Briones says:

    Hi DJ,

    I am also interested in this kind of business.. Could you please send me the details. ((: thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Iyah,

      Ok il email you the packages :)

  25. Anne says:

    hi can you also send me an email regarding the details in opening a laundry shop business? thanks in advance!

  26. hi can you also send me an email regarding the details in opening a laundry shop business? thanks in advance!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Ms. Anne, email po kita

  27. paresh says:

    Hi DJ,
    I am Interested in laundry business. please send me packages and options..

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok i will email you our packages

  28. Leo says:

    Hi DJ, I am in awe in what you have written may i also request for information reg laundry business packages and options. Thanks and God bless

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Leo, I already emailed you

      • arnold says:

        hi can you please send me the package. im interested. thanks.

      • DJ Dimaliuat says:

        Ok Arnold Il email you

  29. abraham haber says:

    hi, can you send o request for information reg laundry business packages and options. Thanks and God bless

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok I will email you

  30. roy says:

    Hi I’m from Leyte, I’m interested po, can you send me an email regarding the laundry business package, and other details.Thanks a bunch!

  31. Clea says:

    Hi! Can you share to me the laundry package as well? Thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi email already sent :)

  32. ALJ says:


    Me and my friends are thinking of this laundry business.

    Could u kindly give me the package and we will collaborate on it.


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi email sent na po

  33. brytbabe says:

    Hi. Could you also send to me the laundry business package? Thank you. :)

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      I already sent the email

  34. mads says:

    hi can i ask how much is your seminar for starting a laundry business? and can you kindly send me a quotation or the laundry business package? thank you very much i would gladly appreciate the help!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Mads,

      Seminars usually cost P2000 per day.

      Il email you our laundry package

  35. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and lookk forward to new updates.

  36. JC says:

    Hi DJ,

    I’ve been following your posts. Am quite interested to put up a small laundry shop. Can you send me a sample of the laundry business package and other details?


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok JC, I emailed you already

  37. Andy Boyd says:

    Sir dj ako din..sample lng f pwede sa capital na 150k. sa iligan city po area nmin..salamat..

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Andy, lowest package namin is 169k eh

  38. Engelbert A. Acuzar says:

    Hi Sir DJ ! I’m planning to start this bussiness. I wish to start with 250k to 300k. Kindly send me a bussiness package and other options / details. Thanks in advance!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      OK Engelbert, I emailed you the package

  39. sarah says:

    Hi Mr. Dj! I’m interested as well. Can you please send me the package? thanks po! :)

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I emailed you the package already :)

  40. Stephen says:

    I’m also interested. Could you please send me the package? Also, what do you think is the best location for placing a laundry shop?

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Stephen I will also email you

  41. Diana says:

    Hi Sir DJ, can you also send me the business package. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok Diana I will email you


    Hi Sir DJ, I am also interested in this kind of business.. Please send me the details.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok I will email you

  43. cristeta says:

    hello po, i have a plan of having a home based laundry and i’m eyeing a new hotel near by our place, could you please help me on how to win their approval, for now i have no big machines but i have my own washing machine and a dryer,and a huge space for the laundries and also planning to have the laundry manual, will this be possible sir? can you please sir send me also the lowest starter set package, sipag at tiaga po ang marami sa akin, financialy kapos po kami but willing to any advice from you sir, thank you po if can help me on this.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Cris,

      Pls contact Ms. Jen at 0922-8118932 for the laundry manual. I know she can provide one.

  44. Bernice Rosales says:

    Good day sir. Thank you for a well-written article for a beginner’s laundry shop business. Can you pls email me a Php100,000 to Php120,000 start-up. Looking forward to it.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Bernice,

      The P100,000 package still needs for you to use a credit card to buy washing machines and dryers on credit at the mall

  45. Alice Hernandez says:

    hi dj please send me a sample quotation of laundry business with 250k budget only thanks

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Alice,

      Okay il email you

  46. Aya says:

    Hi DJ,

    I would just like to inquire about consumer-related policies in laundry businesses.

    If by any chance, an item is lost or damaged by the laundry establishment, how much should the customer be compensated? Papalitan ba ng bago lahat yung mga damit na nawala considering na nag depreciate na yung value nun?

    I was previously told that the customer should be compensated not more than five times of what the laundry establishment actually charged. Is this right? Wala akong makita sa page ng DTI regarding the rules and regulations governing these matters.

    And hindi din ito na cover sa laundry seminar na na-attend-an ko dati. Seeing as you also conduct seminars on how to put up a laundry business, I hope that you would be able to enlighten me.

    Your article is quite good as it is easily understandable and the steps you provided can be followed without much difficulty especially for those like us who have no or little experience in putting up a small scale business like a laundry shop.

    I hope to get a response from you soon. Salamat. :)

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Aya,

      It would actually depend on you on what will be your decision on how you can negotiate with the client.

      Most of us would always like to keep the customer to make them remain loyal to us and not spread bad news in your neighborhood on how the service has gone bad.

      in you Job Order, there is a fine print I guess that gives the rules if in case there are some problems that come up. But still you will decide if you will implement it fully.

  47. Gilbert says:

    Sir DJ ! I’m interested on this laundry bussiness…and to start with, im planning in our subdivision first at home, I have enough space and may be thru experience gained, i will put up this business outside and rent a place….Kindly send me a bussiness package and other options / details. maraming salamat po!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok I will email you

  48. Richie D says:

    Good day to you Mr DJ, I’ve been reading your column for quite some time and I’m very interested to start up a laundry business in Cebu, kindly send me additional information, options and details regarding these.
    Do you conduct seminars in Cebu or Visayas areas?


    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Richie,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we are only limited to conducting seminars here in Metro Manila as the numbers wont be feasible if we cannot have at least 40 attendees if its out of town. What additional details do you need?

  49. Ricky Celis says:

    Hi DJ,
    I’m interested in the Laundry Business. Please send me a P250-300k package. How big an area would be the minimum size of a store. Hope you can show some numbers on breakeven sales and payback period for the investment. tnx

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Ricky,

      ok il email you the package. an area of 25sqm to 30sqm would be best. Minimum na talaga should be 20sqm no lesser than that

      break even would be around 55kilos per day

      • Arnold says:

        Hi DJ,

        Can you please send me the package for 250-350k. Thanks.


  50. Hi Good day Mr. DJ, may i also request for the laundry packages for starters?
    Kindly send to

    Thank you,

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      HI Ms. Annalyn, okay il email you

  51. Lily Tan says:

    Hi, I am interested with the laundry business to augment the household income. Please send me
    details and how I can start. Will P200k be sufficient to start ? Thank you.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Ms. Lily, a good budget for a laundry shop is about 250k to 350k to be safe

  52. Apple Rivera says:

    Hi DJ, may i also request for the laundry packages for starters?
    Kindly send to

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Noted Ms. Apple, I will email you

      • Arnold says:

        Hi DJ,

        I am interested to put up small business in our area please can you sens me the packages. Thank you.

        Best regards,



  53. faye gajo says:

    mr. dj,
    i am interested to open a laundry business here in our neighborhood. please email me the laundry package.
    thank you,

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Noted I will email you Ms. Faye

  54. Kathleen Manuel says:

    Hello Sir! Can u please email me the laundry business package also. I am interested po. Thanks.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      ok il email you the package

  55. Leo says:

    hi dj, I want to put up laundry business, can you send me the laundry business package for
    starters. thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      ok Leo I will email you

  56. Leilapangilinan pena says:

    Hi gud evening, sir pls . Help I’m willing to start a laundry business but

  57. Leilapangilinan pena says:

    Hi gud evening pls. Help how to start a business I’m willing , how to provide a machines to start and the cost of capital of laundry business , the packages present to me in my email . San ba pwedeng bumili ng machines at seminar dapat I attend San at kailan po? Tnx sana matulungan mo ko from San Fernando Pampanga

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      You can buy the machine in SM near your place.

      Il email you the package of our set up

  58. Hi Sir Dj.kindly email me too your package for the laundry business with 300k start up.,thank you so much.Good day.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Ok noted po

  59. Daisy Celis says:

    I have a water station business and would like to include a laundry business to optimize water consumption. I own the building so no rent and i was planning to just setup a receiving area and do the laundry at the back. Im targeting residents and some resto establishments i already delivery water to at the moment. whats a good starting package?

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Daisy, you can buy the machines at the nearest mall and our full consultancy package including training is 168k Net

  60. Cesar Baltazar says:

    Hi Mr.DJ,
    I’m quite interested also. Can you please email me laundry business package with 300K start-up.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Sure Il email you our 299K Full Package

  61. justine says:

    Hi can you send me the packages? we’re planning to go for laundry shop business. thanks!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Justine,

      I already emailed you,

      Thank you

  62. alvin says:

    hi sir DJ please send me also breakedown or package for this laundry business…im interested…tnx more power…

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      OK Alvin I will email you

  63. jude gadrinab says:

    I want to operate laundry business here in cagayan de oro.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      Ok po jan ang laundry sa Cagayan de Oro since mas lower ang magiging fixed cost ninyo

  64. arian says:

    Good day sir dj. Your article is really a big help. I’m interested in starting up this business. I already have space for set up. Is 200k enough? Can you please send me sample start up package quotation? Thanks.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      I Will email you

  65. glow says:

    Please send me details of your 300k laundry package business. Saan po nabibili ang mga laundry equipments? Magkano po ba ang pwede kitain net na kada buwan sa laundry business? Thanks and more power po.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:


      Il email you our package first

  66. Princess Dianne Sison says:

    Hi, I already have 100k on hand. Will it be okay to start a laundry business?

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi sorry it would not be enough

  67. Ailine de Lara says:

    Good day Sir,
    We are planning to open a laundry shop business, can we ask for your packages?
    Thank you.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      ok will email you

  68. Anne says:

    Hello dj i also want to operate a laundry business here in balibago sta rosa.. Im planning home base laundry.. Please send me the packages and how will i start.. Thank you! :)

  69. Vonaf says:

    Hi. Can I ask for your startup package? Can you please email. Thanks.

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Vonaf, I already sent u an email

  70. Anvin says:

    Hi! We are planning on starting a laundry business. Can you send me your available packages? Do you also have training schedule this November or December 2014? Thank you!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Anvin, I already sent u an email

  71. Maria says:

    Will greatly appreciate if you could please send us a laundry package to look at …

    Thanks much!

    • DJ Dimaliuat says:

      Hi Maria, I already sent u an email

  72. DJ Dimaliuat says:

    Wala po e

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